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The Bondi Alchemist surf activewear

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Empower your natural beauty

The Bondi Alchemist surfwear isn’t your average swim or surf suit. A Bondi Alchemist piece compliments your natural beauty and empowers you to flow freely in the waves.

Jarra Campbell, founder of the Bondi Alchemist was getting frustrated with the minimal options of surfwear made specifically for female surfers. She was looking for surfwear that would not only look good but also stay on when things get rough in the water. Sustainability and ethical production was also incredibly important to her so she decided to start playing with design & testing ideas on her friends. Following amazing feedback and results in the water, Jarra decided to take a chance and throw everything she has into launching the Bondi Alchemist.

Photos by Hugo Almeida

“I make sustainable & ethical surfwear for women that looks amazing and stays on in the surf.”


The products are fair trade using SPF50+ sustainable Italian eco-friendly fabrics made from recycled fishing nets. This has also been the inspiration for the brand name the Bondi Alchemist relating itself to the process of turning something basic into something beautiful, such as the journey of the main character in the book The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho.

The word Alchemy is the conversion of base metals into gold however, in the Bondi Alchemist’s case it means turning fishing nets into flattering surfwear.

“Empowering, fun with a touch of sexy made for women of all shapes and sizes” Jarra Campbell 

Photo by Kate Sommer

What’s next?

There’s a fresh website in the making and the upcoming range will have some new editions so keep your eye out for the new range signature one pieces,  long sleeve one pieces, surf and yoga leggings, mix & match bikini’s and sustainable t-shirts also ethically handmade from eco friendly fabrics. There are even some reversible options and a cool collaboration with Surfyogis Zinc!

Jarra’s vision is to grow organically. To provide surf lovers with a bigger range of surf products and to connect more people with their love for the ocean. Thumbs up for that!

Want to know more about Jarra and her beautiful products? Check out her website and webshop , the vimeo account and follow her on Instagram.

Photos by Fiona Peters

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