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Surfing in Morocco | All Girls Surf Trip

Morocco might not be the first destination you have in mind when thinking about an ideal surf trip for (solo) surf girls. Will it be safe? Will there be surf lessons and surf spots suitable for your level?

Time for a girls trip to Morocco to find out all the answers to these kind of questions. We booked our surf & stay package at DFrost Almugar Surf & Yoga house in Taghazout. As they offer Girls Surf & Yoga weeks we decided to check it out! 

Destination Taghazout

seamelon surf spots map morocco taghazout agadir We took a flight from Amsterdam to Agadir. Just an hour drive up north from Agadir you’ll find the small fishing village called Taghazout. This idylic place is one of the most popular surf destinations in Morocco.

Most hotels offer airport transfers. Travelling with a surfboard is not a problem, just make sure you mention it when booking the hotel/transfer.

On our arrival the Dfrost Almugar taxi driver was welcoming us and helped us out with our surfboards and other luggage. After about an hour drive we arrived in Taghazout.

Dfrost transfer pickup taghazout

Taghazout village

The old village center exists of small paths that lead from the main road uphill down to the ocean. From all over the village you’ll find stunning look out points.  Sit down at one of small terraces where you can watch the surfers while enjoying a Morrocan tea.

Look-out point Panorama Taghazout morocco seamelon
Look-out point Panorama Taghazout
Taghazout village morocco main street seamelon
Taghazout village main street
Colorful pottery souvenirs morocco taghazout seamelon
Colorful pottery souvenirs
The catch of the day - Taghazout fish market morocco seamelon
The catch of the day – Taghazout fish market


Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga

Our hotel Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga is located  just a few minutes walk from the village center. A beautiful villa owned by Mo and Loredana. This friendly couple has transformed the villa into a relaxing home away from home. The first thing that we noticed was the friendly vibe amongst the team and guests. The receptionists Shannon and Abdrrahim (and other crew members) make sure you are feeling comfortable and in case you need anything or have any questions they are always there to help you out. When we arrived at the hotel, it was quite late and we didn’t have dinner yet. Then Shannon told us that she saved dinner for us and we could enjoy a home made falafel meal. Yummy!! Dfrost has their own kitchen crew that prepare both healthy and delicous food every morning and evening.

Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga entrance Taghazout morocco seamelon
The welcoming entrance of Dfrost Almugar

The front side of the hotel is overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and has a yoga roof terrace.

Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga villa Taghazout Morocco seamelon
Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga villa
Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga terrace Taghazout morocco seamelon
Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga terrace
Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga room view taghazout morocco seamelon
Our room with a beautiful view

Our room for the week. We booked the standard+ room for 3 persons and we found out it has a stunning view. Imagine waking up to this! (Check out the Tripadvisor reviews of Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga house here)

Surf’s up!

Around Taghazout there are dozens of surf spots to choose from. But how to know which one to choose? Well, leave that up to the surf team of Dfrost. The surf instructors can tell you all about it.

You can decide by day if you want to take a surf lesson, join the surf safari or just take a layday and chill at the terrace or on the beach. When you don’t need any lesson but like to join the group, you can. Your board and wetsuit is taken care of and you can hop on in the bus with destination Beach Break or Point Break.

Beach Break – Beginners

The first day we joined the Beach Break group. This group excists of beginner surfers. Dfrost offers special Girls Weeks packages. Perfect for girls that want to learn to surf or get to the next level together with other like-minded surfers. If you book the Girls Week special, you will get a package full of advantages. Inlcuding a goodie-bag, surf lessons, equipment, Marrakech and Paradise Valley day trip, Hammam visit and more.

A morning coffee with sunrise - a perfect way to start the day in taghazout- seamelon
A morning coffee with sunrise – a perfect way to start the day

After breakfast, together with the instructors we pack the boards and wetsuits. We leave at 9 o’clock sharp. The instructors put on some Moroccan music and we all enjoy the beautiful ride along the coast. Simo, one of the instructors, tells us the plan for the day and shows us the different beach breaks.

Getting ready for the surf lesson taghazout morocco seamelon
Getting ready for the surf lesson
Taghazout bay surf lesson dfrost almugar morocco seamelon
Taghazout bay

We arrived at Taghazout bay beach break. Simo explained that with the tide coming in the waves are going to pick up too. So, not only fun for the beginners also the intermediates will have fun here. But first, the warming up!

Excited to go surfing dfrost taghazout morocco seamelon

Getting ready for the surf lesson taghazout morocco seamelonAfter warming up it’s time to practice paddling and standing up on the board on the beach before we head to the water. During the lesson there is always time for jokes as the Morrocans have a great sense of humor!

surf lesson taghazout morocco dfrost seamelon

Excited to go surfing taghazout morocco seamelon
The excitement after catching a wave

We surfed for about two hours and then took a break to have lunch on the beach. After lunch you can decide to go surfing again or just relax. Around 15:30 we headed back to the hotel where a nice warm jacuzzi was waiting for us. What a great day!

Relaxing in the Dfrost Jacuzzi seamelon taghazout morocco
Relaxing in the Dfrost Jacuzzi

At night we headed over to the village. There is a small path along the seaside with cute little restaurants and shops. Make sure to leave some space in your suitcase for souvenirs because you will be amazed by the beautiful handmade carpets, handbags, jewelry and pottery. After shopping we found a seaside restaurant, ordered a super tasty Tajine and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

Local dish Tajine taghazout morocco seamelon
Local dish Tajine

Point Break – Intermediate & Advanced

If you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, you can join the Point Break group, either with a lesson or just the safari option. Depending on the level of the group and the swell of that day, the instructors will choose the best surf spot.

The point break where we went the first day was Imsouane. Known for its long right hander waves (and grilled fish). A pretty mellow wave, great for longboarding. When you are headed to Imsouane, make sure to check out the tide and time because during the day it can be very busy. It’s worth checking with the instructors if you can do an early morning session to avoid the crowds.

Imsouane point break morocco seamelon

The next point break was Desert Point. A right hander wave. To get in, you clime down hill and cross the rocks. Take your reef boots if you have them, it will make your life easyer!  Depending on the swell, the current can be pretty strong. Don’t be fooled by the look of a flat ocean.. Usualy there is some time in between sets and sets can be twice as big here. So, timing is important when paddling out.

dfrost surf safari morocco taghazout seamelon
The look on your face when putting on a wet wetsuit..

Desert Point Morocco taghazout seamelon

Desert Point - rocks
Desert Point
Dfrost lounge area taghazout morocco seamelon
Dfrost lounge area

After a beautiful day of surfing we headed back to the hotel. Here we hang out at the seaside bar that is build right on the rocks. In the afternoon it’s transformed into a Moroccan styled bar that is open to the public. A great place where you can enjoy a beer or wine and watch the sunset.

Is Taghazout safe for female travellers?

There wasn’t any moment that we felt uncomfortable as a women walking around town during the day or at night. We felt safe and welcome. Moroccans are hospitable and in case of any problems they are very helpful. Of course, this also depends on your own behaviour. When you show some respect towards the locals, you are getting a lot of friendly smiles and conversations over Moccocan tea in return.

moroccan mint tea seamelon taghazout surf

What to wear

Morocco is a liberal Muslim country. Depending on what part of Morocco you travel to, the clothing standards may vary. For the Agadir area, especially in Taghazout, locals are used to tourists. You will see men and women wearing shorts and t-shirts. When walking around town, just keep it a bit decent as a way of showing respect. On the beach it is totally ok to wear bikinis. At night, especially as soon as the sun sets, it can get chilly. Bring some trousers and a jumper.

Surf gear:

Winter (October-April): a good quality 3’2 wetsuit or a 4’3 wetsuit (+ reefboots)
Summer (April – September) bikini, shorty or for cooler days a 3’2 wetsuit (+ reefboots)

Best time to surf in Morocco

Morocco is openly exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and therefore receiving lots of swell all year round. That being said, there are months when swell get bigger and more powerful. In general the following seasons apply:

October to April = overall peak season/ all levels
December, January, February = peak season for intermediates/advanced
April to October = (summer) beginners and intermediates

How to get there

The easiest way is to take a flight to Agadir and arrange a pick up transfer or take a taxi to Tagahzout. Another way to get to Taghazout is to take a flight to Marrakech and then continue by bus to Agadir. The bus ride will take about 3 to 4 hours. Bus tickets can be bought online here: www.ctm.ma.


We had a wonderful time in Taghazout! The location is beautiful and because there are so many surf spots around there is always a spot to find for your level. We’ve met other guests that varied from totally beginners to advanced surfers. We could definitally recommend solo female travellers to visit Taghazout. If you are a beginner we’d advise that you stay with one of the surf camps like we did at Dfrost Almugar. The staff will take care of you, will arrange everything that you need for a comfortable stay and the surf instructors make sure that you are safe in the ocean. Intermediates and advanced surfers could also consider to stay in an apartment, rent a car and check out the surf spots by themselves. In the case of hygiene, Morocco isn’t there yet. And because there are different kind of bacteria then we are used to (in more developed countries) it can happen that you find yourself running towards the bathroom more then you want. This usually takes no longer then 24 hours but it can affect your holiday. You can try to affoid this by drinking and brushing your teeth with bottled water. Just make sure to bring some medicines for this to minimize the illness. As from April this year Morocco will be connected to the sewage system so it is expected that the percentage of people getting sick will decline significantly. Apart from all that, this fantastic surf destination is really worth visiting and if you want to improve your level of surfing, have a lot of fun, enjoy the sun and eat delicious food, then definitely consider to go surfing in Taghazout!

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