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Fede Surfbags

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Handmade surfboard bags from Italy

So, you have this really beautiful surfboard that you are so proud of that you could almost call it your baby? Then why cover it up with a plain old boring surfboard bag? It’s time for change!

These charming surfboard bags got our attention. Fede Surfbags are fashionable and unique, we love them! Fede Surfbags are built for adventure and salty trips, made by talented graphic artist and passionate surfer Fede Ubertone. As Fede is a surfer herself, she knows about the importance of a good surfboard bag. A bag that protects the board from dings and dirt. Therefore, she choose to make sustainable surfboard bags that are made to last.


We all know what board bags are but what the heck are Sling Bags?.. you might ask yourself. Well, it’s quite simple actually. It’s a bag that fits around the middle of your board and has straps so you can carry your board on your shoulder. In the bag there is plenty of space to take wax or flipflops. They come in all sorts of beautiful prints and colors. Check it out in the video.

“Each Fede Surfbags is unique and made with salty vibration under fairtrade working conditions.”

The artwork is hand painted with the use of a traditional coloring process. In this image Fede is working on her ‘Monkey’ artwork.

Apart from board bags you also find tote bags, yoga bags and more in her shop.

Fede has chosen to combine her two passions of surfing and graphic design. She travels to surf and collaborates with local artisans for her bags. That way she is also empowering small communities worldwide.  Fede: “And the best part is that I meet crazy awesome people all around the world thanks to it! ” So inspiring!

Interested in Fede’s story and how she is developing her bags? Follow her on Instagram and visit her website where you can read her blog and find the latest designs in her shop.

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