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Zealous surf bikini | Review

Zealous surf bikinis, by Marie-Kristin Krause, got our attention during a trip to Bali. There, in one of the nice surf boutiques, we noticed the Zealous surf bikini pieces, standing out because of the colors and prints. 

There are a lot of surf bikinis and active wear that look nice but aren’t functional at all. It makes it difficult to shop for a bikini online.  Apart from that, of course we also want a bikini to fit to our shape and that looks amazing!  Too much to ask? We are going to test several surf bikinis and start with the Zealous Signature Surf Bikini Top  and the Basic Surf Bikini bottoms from the Zealous 2019 Ocean Collection. Let’s check it out!

Zealous surf wear

Zealous surf wear is a surf brand  for female surfers, founded by German surfer Marie-Kristin Krause. Offering surf wear, surf bikinis, active wear and more. Check out the interview with Marie-Kristin in our previous article for more info. 

Zala Cuden-surf-action-photo-zealous-seamelon
Zala Cuden in action wearing Zealous

Signature Surf Bikini



According to  Zealous:  the  Signature Surf Bikini Top is an allrounder top that can be worn in anything from broken to overhead waves, it will keep you covered during the worst wipe-outs. 

Signature Surf Bikini top

The Signature Surf Bikini Top by Zealous is a one piece top. So there are no knots, buttons or straps to open or close. The fabric is made of recycled ocean waste, which feels flexible but strong and has a soft lining.  The front looks like a sports bra / sport bikini top and it covers up your breasts just as much as needed and still shows a little bit of cleavage. Our surfer wearing the bikini in the photo has a cup size B and that makes this bikini top fit very well. Although it really depends on your preferences, with a bigger cup size we would probably prefer the top to cover up a bit more, for example like the Zealous Mermazing Surf Bikini Top. With over head waves this bikini top does what it promised to do, it really is a surf bikini that stays on.

Zealous Signature Bikini top
zealous signature bikini-surf-copyright-seamelonini-surf-copyright-seamelon
Zealous Signature Bikini

The back has a vertical back strap. This feels comfortable because it releases tension in the neck while other surf and swim wear, especially with cross back straps and knots in the neck, can cause tension after a while.  The shoulder blades are completely free to move, comfortable when paddling. Both a big plus!

Zealous signature bikini - sea melon

The pro’s and con’s for the Signiture top:


  • stays in place (also during nasty wipe outs)
  • free shoulder blades for free movement (for paddling)
  • no neck tension
  • strong material
  • ethical/ made of recycled ocean waste
  • appealing print and colors


  • non adjustable

Basic Surf Bikini bottoms

The Basic Surf Bikini bottoms  by Zealous really surprised us. We are a big fan of this piece for surfing. The styles you find a lot nowadays are the mini tiny bikini bottoms, which look really nice if you feel comfortable showing all you’ve got ;).  We however don’t like to surf in a thong or anything that looks like it. This model covers up just as much as needed.

The bottoms are adjustable with a string that can be tightened. Which comes in handy when you want the bottoms to stay in place during any kind of rough washings or wipe outs. The hipster model is a medium rise that feels comfortable. As you might have noticed, we love this bottoms and really couldn’t find any down sides.


The pro’s and con’s for the Basic surf bikini bottom:


  • perfect fit for rough surf
  • strong material
  • good coverage
  • adjustable
  • ethical/ made of recycled ocean waste
  • appealing print and colors


  • we couldn’t find any!


We tested this surf bikini during several surf sessions and it really did what was promised; it stayed where it was supposed to stay and without fitting too tight. We love the blue and white ‘Ocean’ print. When the bikini is wet, the blue color looks even better. And when your skin is sun tanned, the colors really pop out! The fact that this bikini is made of recycled ocean waste material and that Zealous joined the 1% for the planet movement makes us feel good wearing this bikini.

This bikini is not cheap but compared to other women’s sport bikinis and the fact that it does the job, fits well, looks great and is sustainable, we think it’s a fair price.

Signature Surf Bikini Top : € 59.00
Basic Surf Bikini bottoms: € 59.00

Have a look in the Zealous online shop for more women’s surf wear.

zealous surf banner

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This surf bikini is tested and reviewed by Fem and Kyra. Passionate surfers and bikini addicts.

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