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More women’s surf wear at Haven Surf shop

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The number of female surfers is growing and HAVEN surf is growing with it.

Antwerp surf platform HAVEN Surf, known for its cool surf lifestyle fashion labels and surf products, decided it’s about time to get more variety of surf products for female surfers. Yeaay! Since its opening in 2017, HAVEN Surf has grown into a well-known surf and menswear shop both at home and abroad. Until now, ladies could only go to Haven for surf gear and accessories. But starting from June 2019, Haven Surf offers new women’s collections.

women's surf collection haven surf - irma god

The Antwerp surf and multibrand store uses the same selection criteria as for the men’s collections. No typical surf brands, but fashionable and sustainable brands that you won’t find everywhere. Initially, the women’s collection will consist of the promising Antwerp brands Amé and Girls of Dust plus the women’s lines from the Californian RVCA, Patagonia and Outerknown.

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ANTWERPEN – Surfing has been increasing in popularity for decades and the number of North Sea surfers is also growing every year. Women are still a minority within the international and regional surfing community, but the group is expanding rapidly. It is estimated that the percentage of female surfers is now between 10 and 15 percent, compared to 3 to 5 percent in 1990. The Antwerp store, HAVEN Surf believes it is about time to serve these ladies better. 

women's surf collection haven surf - irma god

Haven Surf is located in Antwerp, Belgium. Make sure to check out their store when you are around. Or visit their online store


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