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Mona Surfwear by Mona Picasso

Important update about this article: in july 2019, Mona Picasso annouced that she is no longer part of Mona surfwear due to upleasantness of working with her investor. We were very sorry to hear that and wish Mona all the best. We are sure that Mona will create something beautiful again, more aligned to her soul.

Surfwear designer on a mission

Chances are that you have seen the beautiful MONA surf wear pieces on your Instagram feed. With over twelve thousand followers, Mona Picasso has created an impressive female surf community. We were excited to know more about the story behind MONA.

Mona surf wear founder
Mona Picasso – Photo by Ali Kaukas

Meet Mona

If you ever have the chance to visit Santa Teresa, you might run into Mona Picasso, barefoot in the jungle with a surfboard in one hand and her baby in the other. Mona always has this big smile on her face. Mother, designer and badass surfer, Mona Picasso is the life behind the story MONA.

Eight  years ago, Argentinian Mona Picasso decided to move to Costa Rica, where she is now living a life that is simple, barefoot and strongly connected to nature. Exactly how she imagened it to be.

Mona: “The ocean has been always part of my life. Since I was a little girl I loved playing in the ocean. Luckily, my mom decided to move her family closer to the beach so we could grow up right next to our favorite playground. I started surfing when I was 13 years old in cold seas. Freedom and alive are my primary feelings while surfing and that is what has driven my entire life.”

Mona surfing big waves in Costa Rica - Sea Melon
Mona charging in Costa Rica – Photo by Zeke

Surf & Design

In the ‘We are Mona‘ shop you will find a surf piece for every occasion and body shape. From bikini’s to one-suits, from rash guards to leggings, it’s all there. Mona: “I had always been passionate for design. I wanted to couple that passion with my love for the ocean. So I  decided to built a community of amazing women with similar motivations and inspiring lives to enjoy the journey together. After that, I started designing suits for all of us to keep spreading the love worldwide.”

Surf bikini Mona surf wear - pink - purple - Sea Melon
Photo by Jen Harter
surf wear by Mona - pink, blue, purple - Sea Melon
Photo by Ali Kaukas
Surf suit - bikini by Mona surf wear- pink- purple - Sea Melon
Photo by Jen Harter

Sustainable products

MONA is a global community of surfers, mothers, yogis and makers all around the world with a shared passion for the ocean and a dream of making the world a better place. MONA believes that change must happen with each and every one of us. That’s why their community is built on a foundation of sustainable products and transparent business practices. Every single step of their process, from design to delivery, is done with you and the planet in mind.

surf girls Mona surf wear - riding in jeep - fun - pink - purple - Sea Melon
Photo by Ali Kaukas

All MONA products are made in California by skilled seamstresses that earn wages that they are proud of. Manufacturing locally also means they ensure high quality control in every piece and help reduce the carbon footprint compared to producing overseas. Mona believes in kindness and respect for all. Mona: “We treat our team like family and work with only the most ethical suppliers. Almost 70% of a company’s environmental impact happens at the raw material level. From design to delivery we choose to use only eco-friendly and recycled materials. Our entire swim wear line is made out of 100% regenerated nylon recovered from oceans all over the world. We are committed to innovating solutions for the environmental impact and inspiring change to drive the apparel industry towards a more sustainable future.”

Surf bikini by Mona Surf wear - recycle fishing net - sustainable - Sea Melon
Fishing nets are used as raw material – Photo by Ali Kaukas

Chasing dreams

Mona has made a dream come true. Combining her passion for design and surfing, creating beautiful surfwear and building a fantastic female surf community. Mona: “My biggest desire is to always stay true to myself on all paths life will put me on, taking the best out of every experience l get to live. Keep open, positive and committed to chase all my dreams”

surf girls wearing Mona surf wear blue - pink - Sea Melon
Photo by Ali Kaukas


Mona’s advise for other women that want to chase their dreams: “The biggest advise is to keep pushing hard for anything you are committed to and taking one step at a time while immersing yourself into an ocean full of joy and peace. Dedication, patience and perseverance are keys in life (and surfing ;))”

Surf girl sharing wave with sea turtle - Mona surf bikini- legging - - Sea Melon
A member of Mona’s community sharing a wave with a sea turtle – Photo by Kyle Buthman

Do you want to know more about Mona, her surf community and beautiful products? Then check out her website www.wearemona.com and follow her on Instagram.


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