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Jessica Boynton | Featured Surfer

Meet Jessica Boynton, San Diego based surfer and designer. Surfing started out a bit terrifying for her but due to her determination to learn it, surfing now has a special place in her heart. She has this super exciting ambition; making her recently started surfwear brand Hakuna Wear into an established brand that offers products like surf bikinis and surf suits that make women feel more comfortable in the water. This is her story:


The struggles

“It sounds super corny, but I feel like surfing is the sport I was waiting my whole life to find.  Over the course of a couple years I was introduce to surfing through some friends in grad school. I tried twice in Norcal without much success, then alone in Hawaii, which was terrifying.”

“When I moved to San Diego my goal was to learn to surf. I bought a board before I even had a house to rent. I started to go out 2-3 times a week on days when Surfline said 1-2, poor to fair, at Tourmaline. I would watch and stay close to the surfers catching the most waves. After doing that for 3 months I finally rode a wave to completion. That was a very exciting day.”

The reason why I surf

“Everyone has a different reason for surfing, for me, I surf because it is fun! I have thought a lot about what exactly it is that makes it so fun… besides my love of the ocean… “


“I like feeling like a bad ass when you paddle out on a gnarly day, or when you catch a gnarly  wave. A little friendly competition with your neighbors on who gets to catch the waves. The ability to make it social or personal time. The fact that you can be really silly and just fall into water. Strategy on how you surf the wave and constant measurable improvement for me all make it the most fun sport ever.”

Hakuna Wear

“The more and more I got into surfing, the more I realized how inadequate a lot of the swimwear was and the more I started thinking of designing my own. So we did! We just started the brand in 2018, we are based out of our garage right now and I am still working at my day job, but our vision is big and exciting!”

hakuna wear - surfwear

“Our suits have pockets to stash your essentials, are surf-tested in overhead surf to stay put, and are made with recycled and plant-based fabrics.”


“It’s a marathon not a sprint and we are excited to watch the growth and adapt to the market as we go. The most important thing is that personally I have never been happier while working, it feels amazing to know that I am working for my dream. Every time someone tells me that they feel more comfortable in their skin because of their swimsuit it makes all the long hours worth it.”

If you like to follow Jessica Boynton’s adventure, make sure to follow her on Instagram. And to check out Jessica’s Hakuna Wear, click on the image below and use the code SEAMELON10 to get 10% off on any purchase. 

Photo credit:  Elyse Quartini

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