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I love the Seaside | The Surf & Travel Guide to Morocco

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I love the Seaside The Surf & Travel guide to Morocco | 224 pages | Language: English | Price € 24,95 | Buy here

Oh wow, they’ve done it again! The latest I love the Seaside book has just been launched, hot off the press and we’re loving it!

The I love the Seaside – The Surf & Travel Guide to Morocco, AKA ILTS Morocco, is now available for surfers and seaside lovers who are seeking authentic experiences. This surf and travel guide gives you info about the best surf spots, insider tips, local hotspots, tasty Moroccan recipes and so much more. Here’s why we love I love the Seaside – The Surf & Travel Guide to Morocco:

ilts-car--photo-Marie-Therese-Pfisterer-ILTS morocco
Imsouane | Photo by Marie Therese Pfisterer

Heartfelt Content

Whether you’re an avid traveler or not, you’ll find insider info and tips in ILTS Morocco that you most likely won’t find anywhere else. The ILTS team travelled Morocco by campervan, taking their time to really get to know the country, as well as its surf spots, landscapes, people and culture. They built relationships with local surfers as they explored secret spots along the coastline, immersing themselves in every experience.

I love the Seaside The Surf & Travel Guide to Moroccoan-camper van exploring-photo-Alexandra-Gossink_I-Love-the-Seaside
Ilts exploring camper van | Photo by Alexandra Gossink
I love the Seaside The Surf & Travel Guide to Morocco-surf-girl-morocco-photo-Alexandra-Gossink_I-Love-the-Seaside
Moroccan surf girl | Photo by Alexandra Gossink

Stunning Imagery

The ILTS team includes talented photographers, Marie-Therese Pfisterer and Melchior van Nigtevecht. For this guide, Marie-Therese’s surf photos have captured the essence of every surf spot. You’ll want to immediately pack up and get onto the next flight to Morocco.   

yellow_Longboard-girl_foto-Marie-Therese-Pfisterer Ilts-I love the Seaside The Surf & Travel Guide to Morocco
ILTS longoard spots | Photo by Marie Therese Pfisterer

Surf and other activities

Apart from the striking and inspiring photos and maps, you’ll find detailed info and descriptions about surf breaks along the Moroccan coast. They’ve included info for a range of spots that are suitable for all levels of surfers.

Anchor-Point-watching surf_photo-Geert-Jan-Middelkoop_I love the Seaside The Surf & Travel Guide to Morocco
Anchor Point | Photo by Geert Jan Middelkoop
Surfing for all levels in Morocco | Photo by Geert Jan Middelkoop-ILTS
Surfing for all levels in Morocco | Photo by Geert-Jan Middelkoop

If you’re keen to venture out between surf sessions or when the waves are flat, you’ll find tips and info about other cool activities you can do to further explore Morocco. There’s info about things like bike and SUP hire, where to find the nearest hammam and exploring secluded inland towns. 

Seaside terrace-Taghazout---photo-Geert-Jan-Middelkoop_
Seaside terrace in Taghazout | Photo by Geert-Jan Middelkoop

Hidden gems

This book is packed with tips on how to find hidden gems, local hotspots, where to eat the best local cuisine, where to get great coffee, the best camper sites and accommodation, and so much more. 

Moroccan mint tea. Photo by Alexandra Gossink_ ILTS morocco
Moroccan mint tea | Photo by Alexandra Gossink

Why You Need This Guide:

If you’re looking for an adventure that’s off the beaten track then ILTS Morocco is for you. It’ll take you down paths less travelled, giving you everything you need to explore this exotic destination in an original way.

It’s not a Lonely Planet type guide so don’t expect detailed travel information like bus schedules or a comprehensive list of hostels. It’s a personal selection of what the authors love most about Morocco. This surf travel guide gives you detailed info about select destinations that aren’t on the usual tourist route. You’re guaranteed to find more to explore than you might have initially planned.

It’s a great travel companion so make sure you pack it in your suitcase when you head off.   

I love the Seaside The Surf & Travel Guide to Morocco-reading book
Heartfelt Content | Photo by Sea Melon

About the I love the Seaside team

A dream has become reality for the I love the Seaside team. Alexandra Gossink, Geert-Jan Middelkoop and Dim Rooker, along with a group of ocean-loving, travel-stoked surfers have had the opportunity to create this bespoke Moroccan surf & travel guide. They all have a shared passion for the ocean, as well as mysterious destinations which they want to share with the world. 

the authors of i love the seaside posing
I Love the Seaside team left to right Dim, Alexandra and Geert-Jan | Photo by Marinus Joris

I love the Seaside The Surf & Travel guide to Morocco |  Price € 24,95 | Buy here

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