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Zealous Surf Bikinis | Marie-Kristin Krause

Zealous Surf bikinis has just launched a brand new surf wear collection. Including surf bikinis & active wear made from ocean waste material. Exciting! We want to know all about it so we asked Marie-Kristin Krause, Founder & Owner of Zealous Clothing, to share all the insights.

Marie, the new ‘Ocean Collection’ is both beautiful and ethical. Tell us all about it!

“Thanks! Yes, we’ve finally launched the brand new Zealous Ocean Collection. Surf bikinis made from recycled fishing nets and ocean waste. It saves 70.000 barrels of crude oil and 57.100 tonnes of CO2 equ. emmissions compared to regular nylon. That has been one of my main goals for 2018 and it has finally happened.”

Mermazing Surf Bikini – Shades of Blue – Recycled

“We have chosen a handmade watercolor print in the colors of the ocean, combined with black and white stripes. We seriously can’t get enough of those bikinis! Our most favorite Zealous surf bikini piece is probably the Riptide Wrap Top and cheeky Brazilian Bottoms!”

RECYCLED – BOMBORA SURF SHORTS Shades of Blue - Zealous - Sea Melon
Bombora Surf Shorts – Shades of Blue- Recycled
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What makes your surf wear pieces stand out from the crowd?

“It definitely does stay put! It is very rare that I lose my top, it must be a very bad wipe-out or just the wrong angle in which I hit the water surface. But you don’t have to readjust your bikini after every duck dive, nor do you need to be afraid of resurfacing with your boobies out.”

Zala Cuden-surf-action-photo-zealous-seamelon
Photo by Javier Castro Durand

“I’ve invested a lot of time, 6 months to be precise, in the initial product development. All styles that followed the first Zealous surf bikini, the Signature Surf Bikini, are based on this product development and it’s my absolute priority to offer perfectly designed and engineered surf bikinis.”

Founder of Zealous Marie working together with Balinese tailor
Founder of Zealous Marie-Kristin working together with Balinese tailor

Every wave is a salty kiss

We love the prints.  Do you design them yourself?

“We offer a combination of prints made by ourselves, with watercolor or graphics, and prints that we get from independent artists. We always try to make them look as flattering as possible on all kind of body shapes.”

RIPTIDE WRAP SURF BIKINI TOP marble - Zealous - Sea Melon
Riptide Wrap Surf Bikini Top marble

Can I choose a different style of top or bottoms?

“Yes, totally! And we are the only surf bikini brand offering tops (the Zealous surf bikini Mermazing top to be precise) in cup sizes up to cup G! And those can be mixed and matched with any kind of bottoms in any size. So you’re absolutely free in choosing your bikini style.”

BRAIDED SURF BIKINI TOP zealous - sea melon
Braided surf bikini top

What’s next?

“For the new collection “Urban Jungle”, coming in March, we have quite a few new models and fits prepared for you ladies out there! The allover impression is a blend of urban inspired prints as well as tropical vibes. Including playful and flirty styles as well as some super cool new one-pieces! Almost every piece of the streetwear collection is now made from sustainable and organic fabrics, so we could replace most of the common cotton and fabrics that consume too much water or chemicals in their production process. For those styles, we have chosen a beautiful combination of pastel hues and basics as well as tie dyed fabrics. Throughout this year, we will launch further recycled surf bikini collections and amazing new collaborations with other brands, illustrators and artists!”

Get ready for a brand new surfy summer with Zealous!

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About Marie

Founder of Zealous Clothing Marie-Kristin can be recognized by her everlasting smile. Photo by lynne.tyson

A few years ago Marie fell in love with the beautiful island Bali. During her study Clothing Engineering she had the opportunity to apply for an internship on the island. She was enjoying the island life and loved to surf. But there was this one annoying thing. During surfing she kept loosing her bottoms and untangling the pads in her bikni tops.

Inspired by the the local fabrics and taylors, she decided to make her own surfbikinis. Now Zealous is an established clothing brand with surf wear pieces loved by women all over the world.

Zealous \ˈze-ləs\ : to be passionate or devoted 

Zealous Clothing is part of the 1 % for the Planet movement! more..

Zealous Instagram: @zealous.clothing | Zealous Facebook: @zealous.clothing


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