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Zala Cuden

Slovenian surfer Zala Cuden is traveling around the world from one paradise to the other. How she does it? Read about it here.


Become a Sea Melon reporter

Sea Melon is an online surf magazine. Created by and for female surfers throughout the globe. Join Sea Melon and share your story.

Mona surfwear featured image

Mona Surfwear

With over 12 thousand followers Mona has created an impressive female surf community. Meet Mona, designer and badass surfer.

Fede Surfbags

Surfboard bags used to be so boring. But not anymore! New brands such as Fede Surfbags bring beautiful and unique products to the market.

Dominga Valdes - featured surfer Sea Melon

Dominga Valdes

A pro surfer girl who grew up in five different countries. How come? Read about her interesting life and her love for surfing here!