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Jess Vide And Her Hawaiian Surf World From Above

The Adventures of Jess

Every surfer has a unique story. We dip beneath the surface to find out more about the beautiful world that flows through their inspiring lives. This time we meet Jess Vide, a 31-year-old talented Aerial Photographer and surfer, based in Waikiki, Hawaii. Her drone photography of the Hawaiian surf scene is truly Amazing. We want to know more about her and her work! Meet Jess Vide and her Hawaiian surf world from above, a.k.a the Adventures of Jess.



Jess, you know how to capture the Hawaiian surf scene like no one else! What is your connection with surfing?

My connection started early when I was around 7 years old. My brothers and I were water babies and our uncle started to teach us how to surf, and my fascination for the ocean started from there. I just love how present you are when you’re surfing and the extreme feeling of feeling so lucky to be out there just taking the view in.
jess_vide_on surfboard


You are from Australia and now living in Hawaii, right? 

Yes! Born and bred on the south coast of New South Wales! My wife Kelly is American, so for the last 5 years I’ve been coming back and forth doing long distance. We got married in 2018 and I just recently received my Green Card! So now I’m a permanent resident and absolutely love being able to stay, especially in Hawaii!!
When and how did you decide to start Adventures of Jess?  What inspired you?
My account actually started out as a hiking and adventure type page. I would just share my travels and random pictures… then I got a drone! I just decided to keep the name, but I took photography more seriously and invested in Adobe Lightroom and a better laptop, and went from there. So many struggles to begin with! Learning how to edit, the rules of photography, even trying to find my own style! But seeing my own growth in my work was inspiring to keep learning and expanding my artistic reach.
Do you use only drones or also regular camera’s? What camera would you advise to use to make great surf shots?
I really only use my Mavic Pro 2 by DJI. I highly recommend to start flying in a park to get your bearings first if it’s your first time. I also use an Axisgo by Aquatech Imaging solutions. It’s a underwater housing made for your phone! I absolutely love it, and it just goes to show that you don’t need crazy expensive equipment to get amazing shots!
adventures of jess snorkling

What could you tell us about the female surf community in Hawaii?

The female community here is pretty big and they are all shredders!!
They really do run the waves here in Waikiki and it’s so amazing to see them do what they do! And then you have the girls on the North Shore who are absolutely killing it on those giant waves. I love how all the girls inspire each other to push the limits and support one another.
I would really love to see the North Shore have a female only event just like the guys do. They work so hard and they’re all so deserving to be on that stage, so I think that’s currently in the works and I really hope it happens for them.


What helped you to reach your goals? 

I think this goes for everything; Consistency and perseverance will take you a long way!
Where can we find your work? 
On my website adventuresofjess.studio and also on my Instagram account adventures_ofjess.
Photo credits: Jess Vide / Adventures of Jess

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  1. Great article. Jess Vide is super talented and her photos are amazing. I have met her several times and she is always willing to share her skills and knowledge. Passionate advocate for her profession. Keep up your amazing work!

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